If you are not looking to build the next FACEBOOK or ALIBABA, just want to have an unfair advantage via the internet platform. 

To build a customised property website with minimum cost, to generate new customer leads and sales, to show case your personality and passion in properties. 

If you are keen to find out WHY Powerful Negotiators can increase the sales figures year after year, despite a softer property market since 2013.

Powerful Negotiator Sales Commission Performance :
In 2014 – $66 million
In 2015 – $86 million
In 2016 – $50+million (Jan-Jun)

You are just one step closer … 


The Skills You Can Expect To Learn On Personal and Team Level?

On Personal Level 
1. How to auto repost at PropertyGuru without paying monthly FEE
2. How to scrape PropertyGuru agent names, contact and property details.
3. How to send mass auto customised SMS.
4. Website Basic – How to register, setup and manage a website with Minimum Cost e.g.
5. Website Intermediate – How to design and build your own website template to suit your need. From header, body and footer with custom post type management.
6. Website Advance – How to optimise your website page speed, title & meta description.
7. Website Advance – How to setup and properly migrate your phpMySQL and database.
8. Website Advance – How to use FileZilla and how to setup a local host. etc
9. How to use google PPC to super-charge your sale.

Best of all you can login and pick up all these skills at your own pace and time via my Partner Page.

On Team Level


Training Road Map 2016

Power Startup Program

Power Startup Program (PSP) – Learn the team structure & how the team works, who “manages” which district, set of SOP. The basic but essential information that will help to reap the benefits as a member of Powerful Negotiators.

Power Up Booster

Skill Set
Power Up Booster (PUB) – A monthly event, teammates from Powerful Negotiators will gather to share on the current market sentiment & the areas to focus in. Great opportunity to meet & bounce ideas with motivate individual!

Power Up Plus

Power Up Plus (PUP) – Equip new estate agent with 9-session of PowerUp Plus course. Through a mix of Theory & Practical sessions, learn about the Landed, New Launch & Resale markets & how to use the right techniques & systems.

Power up HDB

Focus Skill
Power Up HDB (PUH) – Equip participants with actual on the ground Action Steps, Skills, Scripts and Checklist to be competent and proficient in closing HDB Transactions in today’s market as a seller’s agent & buyer’s agent.

Power projects sales

Power Project Sales (PPS) – Equip you for an effective sales presentation kit for higher chances of closing. We will also be speaking about prospecting opportunities, financial closing methods and many more.

Power Sales Bootcamp

Power Sales Bootcamp (PSB) – You will be taken out of your comfort zone and led into new territories in your real estate career. Many people shared that this bootcamp brought breakthroughs not only in sales but mindset too.

Power Leadership Mastery

Power Leadership Mastery (PLM) – One of new trainings in 2016 – a mindset training with an objective to build the next generation of leaders. This training will be held over 2 days. Make 2016 a year of greater growth and breakthroughs.

Power Selling Techniques

Financial Skill
Power Selling Techniques (PST) – Enhance your practical skills; train yourself on effective selling techniques, and learn to influence sellers to restructure their assets in today’s market conditions. This course will definitely help to multiply your income.

Power Financial Presentation

Power Financial Presentation (PFP) – Latest training initiative from Powerful Negotiators Group. Objective will be focus on helping people to overcome their fear and provide specific case studies during the class.